A Detail in that Story

Poems by Sondra Zeidenstein

A Detail in that Story by Sondra Zeidenstein is quite simply one of the best and most honest books I’ve read this year. Sondra like God’s (if God is a woman, that is) lawyer examines the marriage contract and finds it wanting. These are the dangerous poems that youth often try for and fail. Fail because the real danger zone is not in exhibitionism, but in doing what Zeidenstein has done – risking all! These are fierce, frightening and frank poems that resonate with an eroticism that raises the collective consciousness to what life is and can be. Sapphire

These poems by Sondra Zeidenstein are love poems – to her husband, to her children, and most of all to the woman within, the woman who survived a childhood stripped of passion and mother-love. Now, in her sixties, Sondra Zeidenstein has come to a place of defiance and celebration. Even in a time when poets often dare to tell the truth about their lives, some issues are rarely confronted: how we’ve hurt our children or our partners. How we’ve kept secrets in order to protect the woman within, sometimes at great cost – This ecstasy we take such risks for. Now Zeidenstein takes another great risk. I want to be transparent, she writes, and indeed these poems are clear, astonishing, and palpable, an erotic singing that drowns out the mother who made a small mouth of disgust, who destroyed a child’s pleasure as if it were grime. In poems that are beautifully crafted and uniquely brave, Zeidenstein succeeds in reclaiming passion, in cherishing both past and present, and in raising a love song that will abide long after the pages of this book are closed. Cortney Davis
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