The Crimson Edge: Older Women Writing, Volume Two

Edited by Sondra Zeidenstein

Second volume of an anthology of fiction, memoir and poetry by women past the age of sixty.* Each author’s creative writing is followed by an Afterword in which she talks about what is currently on her mind as an artist.

The Crimson Edge is an inspiration, a triumph, a delight, both in human and in literary terms. It shares its wisdom graciously, it gives us hope and faith – as well as the pleasure of a great, good read. Mary Gordon

Editor Sondra Zeidenstein broke new ground with her first volume of The Crimson Edge in 1996. Here she has again collected poetry, fiction, and memoir by seven diverse women writers over the age of 60. But these works are by no means all about old age. Joan Swift’s poems speak about her rape, the man who raped her, and its effect on her life; Nellie Wong advocates social action from her perspective as a Chinese American; and Florence Weinberger’s poems span four generations of Jewish heritage. Especially noteworthy are Pearl Garrett Crayton’s stories of growing up on a cotton plantation in Louisiana, which glow with a special luminance, capturing the Southern black dialect and the folktale influence on the sharecropper. With our population growing older, the stories of these women, moving and original, need to be heard. Library Journal

*Barbara Moore Balzer, Pearl Garrett Crayton, Carol Lee Sanchez, Joan Swift, Eileen Tobin, Florence Weinberger, Nellie Wong
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