Acts of Love
Stories by Alvia Golden
“The lesbian themes I had scorned for years and avoided like the plague, plagued me until I owned them as part of the landscape of my life and its imagined retelling.”

Breathing Like a Jew
Poems by Florence Weinberger
These poems, rooted in details of personal and family life and their connection to this century’s history, grow out of a “conscious act not only to look at what demanded my attention, but to look at it from the point of view of a Jewish woman.”

Full Moon
Stories by Tema Nason
These stories probe the relationship between a liberal white woman and her Black maid, the balance of power between an anguished mother and her mentally-ill daughter, the feelings concealed by the rituals of casual love affairs.

Intricate Moves, Poems about rape
By Joan Swift
This series of poems unfolds a complex story that started in 1970 with a brutal rape. “These poems are not only for those who like poetry but for all other victims of rape. They're for the rapist too.”

Late Afternoon Woman
Poems by Sondra Zeidenstein
These poems deal with warped relationships. “Where if not in my poems should I move against the threat to my creative life. This is my last chance. These poems are my voice hauling me out of silence.”

Murderous Music
Poems by Anneliese Wagner
Wagner’s poems evoke her experiences as a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany. “Writing is an uncovering; it brings to light what was meant to be lost.”

Piece of Time (out of print)
Poems by Carrie Allen McCray
McCray’s poems draw on her heritage and experiences as an African-American woman living in the South and North over a period of eighty years.

Sellie and Dee, A Friendship
Memoir by Estelle Leontief
This memoir records the early years of a lifelong friendship: how it began, what its emotional dynamics were, how it grew into and out of an intense adolescent sexual attraction.

Poems by Carol Lee Sanchez
These poems evoke the seeking, restless, creative shape-shifter a woman is often called on to be. She) moved forward because/ she) could no longer hold the surfaces together/ around her.

Stolen Moments (out of print)
Poems by Nellie Wong
These poems reveal the working life of a woman, the pleasure she takes in food, music and movies, her roots in Chinese-American culture and her deep commitment to justice everywhere.

Poems by Rita Kiefer
1-887344-05-5   $12.95
Kiefer’s poems explore her life as a nun for 18 years, the heritage that led her to the convent, the quest that sent her back into the world, the mystic connection she feels with other lives.

$10.00 each

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