Speaking for my Self: Twelve women poets in their seventies and eighties new title
Edited by Sondra Zeidenstein
978-1-887344-143-2   $18.00
The word “honest” has been overused in reference to poetry, and yet I could find no other word to describe the authentic, fearless, and universal gift of these poems. I particularly love that these poems expose secrets: they let go of facts and emotions possibly hidden for a lifetime. This anthology is a guidebook for how to live authentically. All praise to these women and to editor Zeidenstein—our world is richer for their contributions.

Cortney Davis, author of Leopold’s Maneuvers

Contraries: New and Selected Poems
Poems by Sondra Zeidenstein
978-1-887344-13-5   $18.00
A collection of poems that tell the story of a woman’s life, from birth, through childhood, adolescence, marriage, erotic life, social and cultural setting, joy and sorrow, aging, all rooted in the body and seen through the lens of old age.

Four Sublets: Becoming a Poet in New York
A memoir by Myra Shapiro
978-1-887344-12-8   $18.00
A passionate love story about poetry, the poetic life, and becoming a writer in New York City. It is the tale of a spirited woman in her middle years driven to create the life of a poet in Manhattan that she longed for as a wife and mother in Chattanooga.… The beauty of Shapiro’s language and the depth of her wisdom inspire each one of us to find a room of our own.  Maureen Murdock

What if your mother
Poems by Judith Arcana
1-887344-11-x   $15.00
Judith Arcana’s fierce, funny, and bold poetry about mothers, abortion – and us – is a page-turner that you can’t put down. It’s a passionate rush of language, hope in a hard time, truth in the middle of lies. This poetry sparks and burns with the hidden language and stories of women.  Minnie Bruce Pratt

Contact Judith Arcana directly for readings:

The Love Word
Poems by Betty Buchsbaum
1-887344-09-8   $18.00
From 1940’s Manhattan to timeless Italy, from girlhood to motherhood to grandmotherhood, and through “the free fall way” of long marriage, these poems, with unflinching sight and unfailing generosity, do something few poems can: they teach us how to live.  Robin Behn

Poems by Sondra Zeidenstein
1-887344-08-x   $16.00
Here's the bold reality of a woman’s maturity, ebullient in its recollection—and its RESISTANCE.  Molly Peacock

Family Reunion: Poems about Parenting Grown Children
Edited by Sondra Zeidenstein
1-887344-07-1   $18.00
For anyone who has grown children, or for anyone who is a grown child—or on the way to being one—Family Reunion captures the frustrations, anxieties, perplexities, heartaches and, yes, the pride and joy and tenderness that go, inevitably, both ways. These poems are a poignant record of how we age, eye to eye. Alicia Ostriker

A Wider Giving: Women Writing after a Long Silence
Edited by Sondra Zeidenstein
0-9619111-0-7   $14.95
This beautiful record, in fiction, poems and autobiographical narrative, of twelve middle-aged women’s coming “after long silence” into writing professionally…is fertile ground. May Sarton

Heart of the Flower: Poems for the Sensuous Gardener
Edited by Sondra Zeidenstein
0-9619111-2-3   $13.95
These poems depict all the joy and frustration of gardening, the successes and disappointments, the astonished gratitude we feel for unexpected bounties. Jane Kenyon

Memoir (out of print)
Poems by Honor Moore
0-9619111-1-5   $11.95
We are in the presence of a poet who can be praised not only for the eloquence and musicality of her voice, but also for the courage of her moral engagement. Carolyn Forché

The Crimson Edge: Older Women Writing (out of print)
Edited by Sondra Zeidenstein
1-887344-01-2   $16.95
Not only are these seven women wonderful writers and poets, their accounts of coming to truth at this vital stage in life are mesmerizing. Carolyn Heilbrun

The Crimson Edge: Older Women Writing, Volume Two
Edited by Sondra Zeidenstein
1-887344-06-3   $17.95
These stories, poems and essays move freely in time, rendering life, in all its shifting multiplicity, through the capacious lens of age. Enid Shomer

A Detail in that Story (out of print)
Poems by Sondra Zeidenstein
1-887344-05-5   $12.95
In a sequence of poems that read like a novel, Sondra Zeidenstein gives us a story of infidelity, of a passage in a woman’s life, in the life of a marriage. Honor Moore


Acts of Love
Stories by Alvia Golden
1-887344-00-4   $10.00

Breathing Like a Jew (out of print)
Poems by Florence Weinberger
1-887344-04-4   $10.00

Full Moon
Stories by Tema Nason
0-9619111-5-8   $10.00

Intricate Moves, Poems about rape
By Joan Swift
1-887344-02-0   $10.00

Late Afternoon Woman
Poems by Sondra Zeidenstein
0-9619111-3-1   $10.00

Murderous Music
Poems by Anneliese Wagner
0-9619111-8-2   $10.00

Piece of Time (out of print)
Poems by Carrie Allen McCray
0-9619111-4-X   $10.00

Sellie and Dee, A Friendship
Memoir by Estelle Leontief
0-9619111-6-6   $10.00

By Carol Lee Sanchez
0-9619111-9-0   $10.00

Stolen Moments (out of print)
Poems by Nellie Wong
1-887344-03-9   $10.00

Poems by Rita Kiefer
0-9619111-7-4   $10.00

The chapbooks are included in the two volumes of The Crimson Edge: Older Women Writing.

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